Trevor Mansfield is a contemporary photographer whose experimental working process results in abstract images which, due to their medium, challenge the viewer to stop and wonder.  At first glance, his work often appears completely abstract.  It is only after taking time to look closer that  an uncanny glimpse of reality emerges.  His compulsion to photograph constantly has brought forth a diverse set of works that are unified by his always surreal and abstract style.

Trevor implements meticulous, experimental processes of deconstructing objects, then reconstructing them in order to discover abstract forms. Often using Organic materials or capturing fleeting moments to create these sculptures, an ephemeral state is captured that must be photographed. Light is Reflected, refracted, and absorbed to reveal subjects in an almost other worldly way.  This combination of manipulations of form,time,and light creates original forms that challenge viewers to either decipher or imagine what they are seeing.

Trevor has a BA from the Paris College of Art and a studio certification from SPEOS Photography School in Paris. His work has been exhibited at La Bibliotheque Chateau d’Eau, FIAC 2015 in Paris, and at Ne-na Contemporary art space in Chang Mai Thailand. Most recently after completing his residency at the Seoul Foundation of arts and culture in South Korea he has settled in Barcelona, Spain where he currently practices.



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